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Digital transformation (DX) is an ongoing journey of using digital technology and digital strategy to fundamentally change an organization’s customer experience, business and operating processes, or culture.

Ransomware payments reported to US in 2021.
$ 100 mn

Ransomware payments reported to US in 2021.

Smartphone users from 2016 to 2021.
+ 1 bn

Smartphone users from 2016 to 2021.

Of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data center.
+ 10 %

Of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data center.

Digital transformation vs. digitization

Plenty of companies today boast about undergoing digital transformation, but what they usually mean is digitization.

A digital transformation initiative involves change at the organizational level—change that generates breakthrough value. Digitization refers to more modest initiatives, according to Gartner, such as putting services online or plugging a new technology into a legacy business model.

Stages of Digital Transformation

Our process

1.Business assessment

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Step 01

2.Research your industry competitors

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Step 02

3.Prioritize digital initiatives

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Step 03

4.Create a delivery plan

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Step 04

5.Create a budget plan

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Step 05

6.Create a resource plan

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We provide talent to deliver your digital transformation strategy

Successful Digital Transformation projects require a specialized combination of accelerating innovation, anticipating change, and outpacing demands.

To ensure a full realization of your vision, your organization needs the kind of support and expertise only a trusted software development partner can provide. With Datasoft as part of your Digital Transformation strategy or initiative, your project will include experienced professionals with a deep understanding of technology, people, and processes.

You will be working with team members who will help deliver your innovative vision to help reinvent and future-proof your business model.

When you partner with Datasoft, you’ll have access to highly skilled software development professionals, Business Analysts, SCRUM Masters, Quality Assurance Engineers, and all the ancillary roles for delivery of your strategy. Each of us at Datasoft is directly accessible to your project stakeholders, live and work.