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The service includes:

Intrusion testing:

Through this service Datasoft allows your company to evaluate the level of effectiveness of its IT security controls through legal procedures and structured according to industry best practices.

Cybersecurity Program

Protecting your company’s information in cyberspace does not limit you to an isolated effort. This is one of such relevance that it should be assumed as an integrated process in the operation of the company. Properly manage internet and cyberspace risks and threats.                                                    

Vulnerability scanning:

The service consists of identifying, measuring, prioritizing, and classifying technical vulnerabilities in technological infrastructure; this service is performed under a non-intrusive mode, this means that the methods and tools to be used will not affect or compromise the continuity of the services that are under the scope of the evaluation.

Managed Cloud Security

Protect your cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud security assessment and architecture.                                         

Social engineering:

With this service, you will be gaining the level of training, awareness, and preparation of your company’s human talent in the face of social engineering attacks. With the social engineering component, Datasoft’s ethical hackers will plan and execute actions to trick your company’s collaborators into exposing information in your custody.

Email Security

Protect and Monitor the email flow of your organization. Starting from attachments scanning, URL scanning and DLP. All in one platform.

Security Awareness Training

Train your employees on how to use technology securely. Join our remote and on-site sessions and learn more about cybersecurity.

  • Online Cybersecurity Education Portal
  • Annual Cybersecurity Training + Test
  • Email Phishing Simulation
  • IT Security Policies
  • Employee Security Score (ESS) for Compliance Tracking
  • HIPAA focused training module available
  • Customized security training


Compliance should not be complicated, confusing, or expensive. Built proper policies and procedures around your business.

 Your company needs to respond appropriately and timely to cybersecurity events that may affect the continuity of operations.

  • Development and implementation of a cybersecurity program in two main phases:
    • Fundamentals of the cybersecurity program, composed of the Cybersecurity Management Policy, and a structure of roles and responsibilities appropriate to your company.
    • Development of the necessary components for the proper Management of Cybersecurity Events, among them: Cybersecurity Incident Management; Continuity Procedures for Cybersecurity Events; Cybersecurity Training and Awareness Programs for the institution’s staff; Secure Information Exchange Procedure.
  • Training and awareness in cybersecurity with ISO 27032 and other industry references.