Corporate Governance

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Compliance with objectives, transparency, and good management is a concern for shareholders and stakeholders in the company. The rules and structures of corporate governance will allow decision-making aligned with the strategy and offering direction for the fulfillment of objectives, satisfaction of legal or regulatory requirements, since the risk of the business is managed; in this way, the success and the maintenance of the growth and expansion of the organization is achieved.

Corporate governance framework implementation service

We design and guide our clients to adopt governance structures that facilitate the fulfillment of their objectives: corporate frameworks and policies, organizational structures of roles and responsibilities, requirements of stakeholders, ethics and conduct of the members of the organization, review, and accountability for senior management.

Business strategy planning service

A company without a clear direction is a company that does not plan or is prepared to face the changes in today’s demanding environment. The strategic business planning service makes available to a group of professionals who will guide you to define and establish the objectives to be achieved, as well as the activities that will be carried out to achieve them. At Datasoft we apply the best practices in the industry and different tools to approach the service as a process that starts from the recognition of the organization to the definition of a balanced scorecard and roadmap used as a guiding instrument to achieve the objectives. This allows the company to chart a course for the company, have clear indicators of compliance and make timely and wise decisions to the business strategy to take on the challenges of the changing environment.

Consulting service in enterprise architecture

Companies need to structure and organize their resources to maximize performance and streamline production systems with minimal impact and staff resilience. A company with difficulties in ordering and structuring its functions runs the risk of being efficient and unproductive. The Enterprise Architecture Service makes available a group of consultants specialized in implementing a comprehensive model of enterprise architecture which consists of the following architectures: