Alta Gestión

Alta Gestión is an integrated solution for the automation of management processes and corporate governance that includes the most well-known and most welcome management systems in the industry aligned to the best practices and current frameworks in the world, such as:

The above, to mention some of the references and frameworks used in the development of High Management, this leads to be able to present a complete tool that runs through the business from end to end and meets all the requirements to comply with the requirements of the international regulations most used by today’s businesses or organizations.

Characteristics that describe Alta Gestión:

Government as head of the organization An organization plans its strategies and objectives with the intention of projecting itself into the future in terms of development and growth, at this point is where corporate governance dictates the guidelines that the rest of the business must follow to reach a successful conclusion, therefore, High Management defines a corporate governance structure that governs the operational management of the other process and functions of the organization, to ensure an alignment between government and management intentions.

Self-assessment and monitoring of compliance by Audit To know the current state of the different processes and functions of management and corporate governance in compliance with internal and external regulations that govern the organization; Alta Gestión has the tools to systematize the most common evaluations of the industry in addition to those requested by regulatory entities in Costa Rica such as Technical Standards or evaluation indexes.

Unified document repository One of the most common problems in the organization or companies is the inefficient management of documentation, since there may be multiple decentralized repositories where information is accumulated and making it impossible to integrate into the operation of the processes and functions of the organization. 

That is why Alta Gestión has the ability to support all documentary types and position them within the functional structure of the management each of the modules which avoids looking for documents maximizing efficiency in management.

Automation of processes and procedures The growth of an organization entails the need for an ordering and standardization of processes to improve efficiency in the execution of staff functions without falling into work overload or inaction due to ignorance of responsibilities, so High Management can automate processes, assigned responsibilities to tasks and generating workflows and notify the follow-up of tasks.

Operationalization of services Services are the center in the delivery of value in any organization, so special care must be taken to ensure that this delivery of value is perceived by consumers, and this, in turn, generates satisfaction and desire to continue consuming the service or product delivered, so High Management operates the tasks through a catalog of services that defines the value delivered either by a department or by all the organization and which can be consumed by other applications or users in charge of managing incidents or requests for services.