Alta Academia

Alta Academia is a virtual campus with a high level of administrative and student use, which allows the approach of objectives set by the institution and the student. We revolutionize learning. We have integrations with Microsoft and Moodle that allow us to give additional value to the platform in terms of functionality and we have extracurricular learning modules for students. 100% of the platform is in the cloud and is offered through per-user licensing.



Students have the ability to use groups where they see their attendance, grades, tests, etc. In addition, they will carry out their virtual classrooms, extracurricular groups and news.


Student managers have the ability to view student progress through attendance, grade, and communication reports. Also, the entrance to E-Commerce.                                      


Administrators configure the platform to fit the institution and manage the institution’s administrative and educational processes such as admission and enrollment.


The teachers manage the groups where they can make evaluations, define the calendar, review notes, take attendance and use Teams for the group in the synchronous part.